Crochet Photo Tutorial: Crochet Beginner Guide - How To Read Crochet Patterns!

Crochet Photo Tutorial: Crochet Beginner Guide - How To Read Crochet Patterns!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written guide with photos on How To Read Crochet Patterns!

To begin I wanted to go over 3 tips I have to make it easier when reading patterns. Then go over abbreviations you will see within patterns. And finally, go over what a pattern will look like.

If you want another in depth video/tutorial please leave me feedback.

My first tip is to print out the pattern you want to make and mark through it as you go.

I found it easier as a beginner to print out the pattern and go through stitch by stitch marking them out as I went.

My second tip is reach out for help if you need. Everyone in the crafting community is helpful and nice. I even try to help out with patterns that aren't even mine when anyone needs help. Don't be afraid to reach out within the community or to the creator of the pattern

My third tip is to take your time if needed. Don't be in a rush to learn. It will come with time and practice.


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Next I want to go over abbreviations.

These are some crochet abbreviations that you will see within crochet patterns. Typically crochet patterns aren't written out in full words. You'll apply these abbreviations to stitches within the patterns.

These patterns are from! But you could do a google search for crochet abbreviations to find more.


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I made a video on How To Read Crochet Patterns already. In that video I went over what you will see in a crochet pattern using my Granny Square Hexagon Pattern.

So the first thing to note in a crochet pattern is the layout. You'll mainly see it broken down by Materials, Notes, Stitches, then the actual Pattern.

Usually you'll be given what materials you'll need for the pattern, stitches used within the pattern with links to learn them, and any notes you'll need to know before you begin.

Once you get to the pattern it will be broken down by rows. Then you'll go stitch by stitch, step by step like I mentioned above. You'll use the abbreviations you learned above and apply them to the pattern/stitches.

Again, this was just a basic overview. If you want a in-depth tutorial please let me know!

Here is the video guide on How To Read Crochet Patterns:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! 🎉💝😍

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