Crochet Photo Tutorial: Crochet Beginner Guide - How to Start A Hat From The Bottom!

Crochet Photo Tutorial: Crochet Beginner Guide - How to Start A Hat From The Bottom!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written guide with photos on How To Start a Hat from the Bottom!

To begin I will be going over 2 ways to start a hat from the bottom, working your way up!

1st technique: Make chains to fit the circumference of your head/the head of whoever you're making the hat for.

I have listed a few helpful guides on how to calculate how many chains you will need:

From The Crochet Crowd:

From Crochet N Crafts:

From Crochet For You Blog:


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Next step, bring the ends of your chains together

Making sure the chains aren't twisted, then use the Slip Stitch (tutorial here) to join the ends of your chains together

This is where you would work a regular row into these chains, starting the body of your hat

The 2nd technique: Start your hat by making a brim first, There are several ways you could do this!

For my example brim I have made short rows using Single Crochet Ribbing, tutorial here.

This is where you could really customize the look from the beginning. You could use ribbing like my example, you could use basic stitches like Single Crochets, Half Doubles, etc. in short rows. Or you could use any other stitches you enjoy!

I have a ton of ribbing tutorials and stitch tutorials on my Youtube channel, link here!

From here you would attach your new yarn to any point on the brim and work your 1st row around like normal to start the body of your hat


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Here is the video guide on How to Start A Hat From The Bottom:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! 💓🎉💓


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