Photo Tutorial – Crochet Pattern: Basic Granny Square!

Photo Tutorial – Crochet Pattern: Basic Granny Square!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written tutorial with photos on my free crochet pattern: Basic Granny Square!

First, with any project you’ll need a crochet hook and yarn. Any yarn or hook will do for learning how to make this square.

There are several ways to start this square. You can use the Magic Ring/Circle/Loop, I have a tutorial here! The Chain 4 method, I have a tutorial here! Or the Slip Stitch Method, I have a tutorial here!

For this pattern you'll need to know how to make Chains (CH), I have a tutorial here! How to make a Slip Stitch (SL ST), I have a tutorial here! And how to make Double Crochet Stitches (DC), I have a tutorial here!

I will be using the Chain (CH) 4 method for my example square. Make 4 CHs with your hook. You'll be working into the 1st CH you made.

You'll start your first granny block of 3 DC. 3 CHs of your initial CH 4 count as 1 DC. Throughout this pattern, any CH 3 will count as 1 DC. So for each side of this first row you will need 3 DC. In my example picture I have made 3 DC for my side and 2 CHs for my corner space. This first row will contain 3 DC for each side and CH 2 for each corner.

Starting the 2nd row with the same color, CH 3. 2 DC into top open corner space to the right of the CH 3 just made. I know that can sound confusing. So I added a picture for reference. It’s okay that it will go over the CH 3 you already made! This will be 1 granny block (3 DC) made in that corner so far. You'll then make 1 CH, Skip over the granny block under the CH 3, onto the next corner space.

Into that corner space (and all corner spaces throughout this pattern) you will work 3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC. As shown in the example picture above.

When you come to any previous granny block on the side of your square you'll CH 1. Example shown above!

So at this point you can see the pattern forming. This will be the same pattern throughout. In each open space on any side you will do 3 DC. In-between any 3 DC on the sides you will CH 1. In each corner space you will make 3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC into the same corner space.

I also wanted to give an example of attaching a new color anywhere to your square for a new row. Shown above I have attached my new color into a open space, because I know from the pattern forming I'll be making 3 DC into that space. So I have made 3 CHs to count as 1 DC. I used a Slip Knot (tutorial here!), then attached my yarn wherever I wanted to start my next row.

The picture above shows me following the same pattern for my new row. 1 granny block made in the open space on the side, CH 1, skipped over the previous granny block over to the open corner space. Then I worked 3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC into that open corner space, then a CH 1 to skip that next previous granny block to the next open space. The pattern would then repeat.

This is what the Basic Granny Square should look like when completed!


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I also have a video tutorial for how to make this Granny Square:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! 😍🤗🙌

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