Photo Tutorial - Crochet Beginner Guide: How To Make A Yarn Ball!

Photo Tutorial - Crochet Beginner Guide: How To Make A Yarn Ball!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written guide with photos on how to Make a Yarn Ball for any crochet project!

You won't need any crochet hooks for this tutorial! Only some yarn you want to ball up and your hands! 🎉

I like to roll up my yarn to store it and they looks aesthetically pleasing all together! I hope you find this guide helpful!

Take the yarn you want to ball up and find the end. One you have the end drape that end over your hand, with the end facing away from you.

I also like to hold my yarn end with my pinky finger to hold it in place.

You would then begin loosely wrapping the yarn around your hand. You don't want tight tension for this.

You keep wrapping until you have a decent amount wrapped up. This part you can just eye roughly. It's not that technical. 🤣

You would then slide all of the yarn off your hand while holding it together.

Pinch the yarn together in your fingers. Then start wrapping the yarn loosely again around that small amount of yarn. While wrapping the yarn you can also rotate the ball that you are holding to make the ball more even around.

You would keep going until you run out of yarn!


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I also have a video tutorial on How To Make A Yarn Ball:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! 💕🙌👏

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