Photo Tutorial - Crochet Beginner Guide: How To Weave In Loose Yarn Ends!

Photo Tutorial - Crochet Beginner Guide: How To Weave In Loose Yarn Ends!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written tutorial with photos on how to Weave In Your Loose Yarn Ends for any crochet project!

You can use any current or ending project you are working for this example tutorial!

In the picture above I am showing how you could weave in a yarn end while making the next row when changing colors.

You would grab the loose yarn end of the previous color you were using and hold it right next to the new color you'll be working with.

You'll then insert your hook into the next stitch you'll be working while holding the previous yarn color loose end at the back of your work, near the top of the stitch you are working. You can see in the picture above that your hook should go through the stitch and under that loose yarn end.

Then you can make your stitch over that loose yarn end and it will hide under that stitch or inside that stitch. I have made a Single Crochet Stitch (SC) in my example photo above. SC tutorial here!

As you keep making stitches over that loose end it will stay in-between those stitches and blend with the previous yarn color, as shown above.

I made it to the end of my row. I wanted to show a example of finishing off a project or fastening off a project and how to hide that yarn end.

In the picture above I have turned my work towards the back. You would then insert your hook into that first stitch, grabbing that loose yarn end.

You would then pull that yarn through the stitch. Then wrap the yarn over the next stitch and repeat the process of pulling it through again. You'd keep doing this and it would 'sew' in the yarn to the stitches.

You could then repeat this 'sewing' technique for any loose yarn ends that you have left!

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I also have a video tutorial for How to Weave Ends:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! 😃💕🎉

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