Free Crochet Pattern: Serendipity Shawl!

Free Crochet Pattern: Serendipity Shawl!

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Thank you for visiting my page! This shawl is one of my OG patterns; My Serendipity Shawl! I designed and made this shawl when I first started crocheting, started my Ravelry account and my Etsy shop. So many great memories are tied to this pattern!

Sorry these pictures aren't the best since they are the originals. Who thinks it would be fun to see my recreate some of my older patterns? Leave me some comments!

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Here is the free pattern/tutorial:


Yarn - Medium/Aran weight yarn of your choice

(I used Oxford Grey by Lion Brand Wool-Ease – 3 Skeins)

Crochet Hook: I – 5.5 MM


Stitch Markers

Crochet Stitches Needed:

CH – Chain

SK – Skip

ST – Stitch

Double Crochet (DC):

Half Double Crochet (HDC):

Triple Crochet/Treble Crochet (TR):

Extended Single Crochet (ESC):


This pattern is easily manipulated. I used different stitches for each row. A mixture of Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Extended Single Crochet & Triple Crochet stitches. You will ALWAYS make 2 stitches in the FIRST CH/ST of the row & the LAST CH/ST throughout the entire project. Your chain, when starting a new row, will always count as a DC, TR, HDC, etc.


Row 1: CH 4, DC in 2nd CH from hook, DC in 3rd CH, DC in 4th CH (4 DC), CH 2, Turn Work

Row 2: 2 DC in first ST, 1 DC in each stitch across, 2 DC in last ST, CH 3, Turn Work

Row 3: 2 TR in first ST, 1 TR in each ST across, 2 TR in last ST, CH 2 Turn Work

Continue from there alternating stitches each row how you see fit! I made 105 rows for the shawl shown.


Fringe is optional. I cut 4 ten inch pieces of yarn for each of the fringe shown. I then added fringe to each corner. I then added fringe every 5th space around.


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You can find this free pattern here in my Ravelry shop!

Let me know what you think of this pattern! Enjoy! 💝

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