Photo Tutorial – How To Crochet: Starling Stitch!

Photo Tutorial – How To Crochet: Starling Stitch!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written tutorial with photos on how to make the Starling Stitch!

First, with any project you'll need a crochet hook and yarn. Any yarn or hook will do for learning this stitch.

For this tutorial you'll need to know how to make Chains (CH), I have a tutorial here! How to make the Single Crochet Stitch (SC), tutorial here! How to make the Double Crochet Stitch (DC), tutorial here! And how to make the Double Crochet V Stitch (DC V), tutorial here!

Starting from the beginning, make chains in the multiple of 3 + 2

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Row 1: Make 1 DC into the 4th CH from your hook

Make 1 CH

Make 1 DC into same CH as 1st DC just made
So all together in that CH: 1 DC, CH 1, 1 DC

*Skip 2 CHs, 1 DC V into next CH

Repeat the step above from * until you only have 1 CH left in this row

Make 1 DC into that last CH to complete this row

Row 2: Make 1 CH

Make 1 SC into the 1st ST

*Make 1 CH

Skip 1 previous DC V, make 2 SC into the space between DC V STs

Repeat the steps above from * until you have 1 DC V + some CHs left

Skip that last DC V, make 1 SC into the tops of those CHs at the end of this row to complete

Row 3: CH 3


Make 1 DC V into each DC V ST 2 rows below across

Until you only have 1 ST left in this row

Make 1 DC into that last ST to complete this row


You would now alternate between Rows 2 & 3 for however long you want your project

This is what the Starling Stitch should look like when completed!


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I also have a video tutorial for the Starling Stitch:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! ✨🤗🩵


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