Photo Tutorial – Crochet Beginner Guide: Keep Your Crochet Squares Straight!

Photo Tutorial – Crochet Beginner Guide: Keep Your Crochet Squares Straight!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written tutorial with photos on How To Keep Your Crochet Squares Straight!

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So for this tutorial I am showing 2 Granny Squares

I have a video tutorial for the Granny Square here and a step by step photo tutorial here!

For these squares, I made 1 in the regular way. The other I made with the 2 tips to keep your squares straight.

So for my 1st square I made this one in the regular way. You can see how the 1st 2 rows are skewed because of this. It might not look like much right now, but it will be more noticeable once your square/blanket is bigger. Also, you can see how the corners are all pointing in a different direction. This gets more noticeable as well.

My 2nd square showcases the 2 tips I used to keep my square straight. You can see how the 1st 2 rows are straighter now with these tips.

1st TIP: Fasten Off each row

Video tutorial here and step by step photo tutorial here!

2nd TIP: Flip your square each row. This means when you make your 1st row, you're looking at the front of your work. Once you start your 2nd row, flip your work where you are looking at the back of your square. Then you would start your row like normal.

With these 2 tips you can see how my 2nd square looks cleaner and straighter than my 1st square.

 I hope these 2 tips help with keeping your crochet squares straight if needed!


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I also have a video tutorial on
How to Keep Your Crochet Squares Straight here:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! 👏😍💝


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