Photo Tutorial – How To Crochet: Crab Stitch Join As You Go Method!

Photo Tutorial – How To Crochet: Crab Stitch Join As You Go Method!

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Thanks for visiting my page! Here is a written tutorial with photos on how to make the Crab Stitch Join As You Go Method!

First, with any project you'll need a crochet hook and yarn. Any yarn or hook will do for learning this tutorial

For this tutorial you'll need to know how to make Chains (CH), I have a tutorial here! How to make the Slip Stitch (SL ST), tutorial here! how to make the Double Crochet Stitch (DC), tutorial here! And the original Join As You Go Method, tutorial here!


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This technique is used to join crochet squares/motifs together. So you'll need 2 squares you want to join together. I am using 2 Granny Squares for my example squares. I have a video tutorial here and photo tutorial here for these Granny Squares if needed! This technique is easy to adapt to any crochet square/motif.

For my example squares the green area is the body of my squares. The blue row is the border we will be using to join these squares together. For your 1st square, you'll make a row/border like normal. So that's on my left square.

To start joining: You'll make 1 side of your border on the square you are joining to the square that already has the border. We are adapting this pattern to the Granny Square right now. So in a Granny Square corner you have (3 DC, CH 3, 3 DC). In my joining square I already have 3 DC into that corner, so now I have the CH 3 to start joining.

SL ST into that square you are joining with

*Work 1 DC into that same space. We have to match the Granny Square border. So we'll need 3 DC to complete that corner. But here is where we bring in the Crab Stitch Join

Crab Stitch Join: Insert your hook into the stitch corresponding/that lines up with the one you just made from the square you are joining into (so the square you already have the border on) We are making the Crab ST Join basically on top of the DC we make

Yarn over your hook 1 time

SL ST into that ST. The above pic shows all 3 made into that same corner space with the Crab Stitch JAYG on top of each ST

So to continue on, you'll just skip to the net open space, following the Granny Square pattern. You'll start repeating the steps above from * for each ST you make to join these squares together.

Then when you get to the next corner you would finish up those 3 STs with the Crab Stitch JAYG, then continue the Granny Square pattern for the rest of the square around. 

Again I want to say, I made this with the Granny Square pattern. But It's easy to adapt with other Stitches/Motifs. If this was with Single Crochet Stitches, you would simply make this Crab Stitch JAYG on top of them.


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I also have a video tutorial on the
Crab Stitch Join As You Go Method here:
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! 🤗🙂👏


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